One of the most important tests for reaction to fire is testing according to PN-EN 13823 “Reaction to fire tests of construction products. Construction products, excluding flooring, subjected to the thermal action of a single burning itemIn short, the test is called SBI from the English name of the single burning item. This test is carried out in a closed room – a test chamber in the shape of a square measuring 3 by 3 meters and a height of 2.4 meters with an exhaust hood on the top to collect gases produced during the test. This room is equipped with a special trolley with the test element on. The trolley is placed in such a way that the test element is located under the hood collecting combustion products. The SBI test is a medium-scale test and samples prepared for testing should reflect the actual use and attachment of the product as accurately as possible and in accordance with PN-EN 13823. The fire scenario used in this test method consist in the burning item standing in the corner of the room. Samples prepared for testing consist of two wings: the first is 1 m long and 1.5 m high, the second second is 0.5 m wide and 1.5 m high, arranged perpendicular to each other so that they form a corner. Unipanels System panels have been tested in the laboratory of the Fire Research Institute of the Institute of Building Technology and have received the following classifications

Table 1. Classes of reaction-to-fire performance for our panels in accordance with PN-EN 13501-1 + A1:2010
Panel classThicknessObtained classification
Gypsum fiber board with veneerok 13.5mmB-s1-d0
Coating gypsum fiber boardok 13.5mmB-s1-d0
Gypsum fiber board with HPLok 13.5mmB-s1-d0
MDF with veneer10mm – 25mmC-s2-d0
Coating MDF10mm – 24mmC-s2-d0
MDF with HPL10mmB-s2-d0
MDF with HPL11mm – 25mmC-s2-d0
Black HDF board with veneer9mm-21mmB-s2-d0

Conducting test of fire resistance technology