Acoustical structures are complex, spatial elements, usually made of plywood or wood-based panels, with absorbing, dispersive or absorbing-dispersive properties. They are used to improve the acoustics in “difficult” rooms or in those where we care about perfect acoustics.
One-dimensional diffuser – it is an acoustical structure with single span sound dispersion. The sound rays that fall on its surface are subject to refractions and reflections in various directions, but in one plane.
Two-dimensional diffuser – this is an acoustic system for diffusing sound in two directions. The sound rays that fall on its surface are refracted and reflected in different directions in two planes – vertical and horizontal. Our company makes diffusers and panels according to individual needs. We always try to meet your individual expectations. Our engineers are happy to provide advice when designing rooms. We want every interior to meet all your requirements – both acoustic and aesthetic.
Sample photos of one- and two-dimensional systems: