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Some rooms require a complete barrier of sounds from the outside (e.g. concert halls, recording studios, radio studios, etc.). However, silence is also desired by office and service workers, as well as owners of flats and apartments. Noise-free environment even in a property located in the very center of the metropolis is a luxury, which has become widely available thanks to acoustic panels and acoustical structures provided by UniPanels.

UniPanels System

Professional acoustic panels

UniPanels System

Profesjonalne panele akustyczne

Polish manufacturer

of acoustic and decorative panels

Polski producent

Paneli akustycznych i dekoracyjnych

UniPanels is a Polish producer and distributor of Unipanels System’s highest quality acoustic and decorative panels. We manufacture our range from start to finish in Poland, which guarantees our full control over all stages of the production process. We also carefully choose materials, as in addition to the quality of workmanship, it is the materials used that determine that acoustic panels and structures meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

is an important argument for architects and general contractors when selecting UniPanels products . This is the most reliable confirmation of technical, strength and mechanical properties. We also take care that all raw materials used during production have the necessary certificates.

Technical approval

of the Institute of Building Technology

Aprobata techniczna

Instytutu Techniki Budowlanej

Utmost Comfort

of acoustics and aesthetics

Najwyższy komfort

akustyczny i estetyka

Acoustic panels insulate or reflect sounds in the room, which allows for comfort improving isolation of the interior of the property from urban noises. The quiet interiors are conducive to concentration and facilitate relaxation. Wall acoustic claddings look very impressive and depending on the client’s expectations, they can take futuristic or classic forms. With the UniPanels System, the client can achieve both a minimalist design of a loft or a cozy interior of a classic apartment.

The core of our panels consists in a fire-resistant MDF, CDF or gypsum fiber board. Specially designed aluminum profiles by UniPanels facilitate assembly in any interior and its configuration. We divide our range into veneer, varnished, painted and HPL wall panels. We have a wide range of veneers, and we can also customize panels with any type of veneer. It is also possible to varnish the cladding in any color from the RAL and NCS palette.

The best raw materials on the market

for veneered, varnished, painted and HPL panels

Najlepsze na rynku surowce

do paneli fornirowanych, lakierowanych, malowanych i HPL