The quality of our products is of an utmost importance to us. Therefore, we only use carefully selected raw materials. The main products used in the production process are:

Gypsum and fiberboard

We decided to use this kind of core as it has very good acoustic properties. Its fire-fighting properties were also of great importance. These boards are made of gypsum and cellulose fibers, which are obtained in the recycling process. Thanks to the use of a solid wood edge strip, the panel gives the impression as if it was made entirely of this material (wood).


Thanks to the use of non-inflammable MDF core, our panels can be used in interiors where a smooth surface and low weight are expected. MDF boards are made of wood fibers and bonding compounds. A hard, uniform surface is created by the compaction process. MDF boards are an excellent material for further veneering, covering with HPL laminate or laminating.


Diffusers or panels made of plywood are a good choice in rooms where the highest level of care for acoustics is required. Our manufacture of the above-mentioned elements uses the highest quality plywood made of deciduous or coniferous trees.

Plywood is created by bonding together a few layers of wood, with intersecting fibers of adjacent layers.


HDF board with high density and increased resistance to moisture, dyed in mass to black. In addition to being used as the core of our panels, it can be used as a partition wall, for example in a cloakroom or toilet. The CDF board has a high resistance to abrasion, deformation, the activity of acids, bases, oils and oil compounds. It is produced from wood obtained from areas with sustainable forest management.

Plywood is created by bonding together a few layers of wood, with intersecting fibers of adjacent layers.


Both natural veneers and the highest quality modified veneers are used for the production of our panels.
Modified veneer
– this is an ideal choice for interiors in which the reproducibility of grain and color as well as the nobility of natural material are to be preserved. Thanks to the use of technological processing, the structure of natural wood is optimized, and warping and imperfections are avoided. The deeper spatial structure and dyes promote the intensification of color, making the veneer more look vivid and eagerly attracting the eye. It is worth noting that veneer is modified with an ecological product.

Natural veneer
– these are thin pieces of wood that are produced by flat or circumferential cutting. The trunk of the tree is cut into sheets after the drying process. It is a natural raw material and when using it we have to take into account the differences in grain and color.


A high-pressure decorative laminate is a material that arises from the compression of many layers of resin impregnated paper under the influence of high pressure and high temperature. The top layer is a decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin. Thanks to special stamping and pressing techniques, it is possible to create hard and durable surfaces, whose unique and extremely resistant surface is ideal for interior design. The main features of HPL are:


The beauty of painted surfaces is used in some interiors. Our panels are used especially frequently in the rooms where good acoustics is needed. The coating on our panels is very uniform, and the colors that we propose are compatible with the RAL and NCS palette.

Bamboo, Rattan, Loom

Bamboo, Rattan and Loom – we also have exotic materials in our offer:

  • rattan panels – they are covered with a layer of natural braiding of rattan lian – an exotic CALAMUS ROTANG palm from the forests of tropical Asia.
  • bamboo panels – they are covered externally with bamboo strips or bamboo veneer. Bamboo is a type of water grass with hardening stems, cultivated mainly in a monsumine climate.
  • loom panels – their outer layer is a loom mat, woven on special looms from an extremely durable cellulose cord.